Better decision-making starts with advantaged insights

The #1 resource for data analytics, bespoke for every bank

Strategic Management. Performance Management. Mergers and Acquisitions.

Better, faster value insights

Bespoke to your bank’s footprint

  • Integrates deposit, mortgage, financial, and demographic data at the ‘bank x local market’ level

  • Push of the button market and competitive analytics

  • Organic and inorganic growth screens and ‘what-if’ simulations

  • Predictive performance analytics – expected vs. actual

  • Downloadable outputs to aggregate with internal information

  • Easy access to standard reports: market and bank specific

  • Access to insight on your bank (and all 4,000+ US banks)

Includes all 4,000+ US banks, 88,000 branches, and 20,000 zip codes

Proprietary, value-based offerings that support decision-making

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

  • Portfolio Shape: Where to grow, shrink, fix across your portfolio
  • Share Builder: Share gain potential, underpinned by win %
  • Footprint Optimization: Branch footprint changes to maximize value creation
Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Bank Valuation: What your bank is worth, and what underpins it
  • Performance Improvement: Sources and magnitude of profitability and value potential
  • MSA Playbook: Granular market, competitive, and opportunity assessment
Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Win-Win Strategy & Search: Highest value combinations for buyers and sellers
  • Combination Evaluation: Strategic, economic, and regulatory evaluation of deals
  • Integration Playbook: Detailed value creation opportunities to recapture premium

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